Belgium Got Game (Elite Athletes)

RESPONSIBLE FOR designing the TEAMs LOOK for a basketball tournament


Belgium Got Game grew from a small local cry in 2011. Not a cry for help, as we like to put our time in things We can control. BGG started as a cry for change. A change in the amount of playtime our friends who went pro got in the Belgian first division. A cry to “Let them play.”

Our statement grew with the careers of these friends who we worked with during the off-season. Our next goal was to motivate these guys to aim for amazing in their career, not average, to be Pissed Off For Greatness. We strove to, not make this tournament, Belgium’s Biggest Basketball Event… but make it Belgium’s Biggest Basketball STATEMENT! People seemed to like it. Every time 2,500-3,000 people showed up to support these guys.

And now we’re back.

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Thanks to Model Jonas Foerts (Basic-Fit Brussels)